Y&M Knit Beanie (Suga)


I have arranged for the scholarship fund to get the authentic Y&M knit beanie that Suga wears again. The price has gone up since the last time we purchased them, unfortunately. The shipping is outrageous from Japan to the USA, but it is the only way we can get them to us.

The price is $45.00 + $6.95 shipping inside the USA for your choice of grey or black (or, better yet, one of each!). Please keep in mind that there are fees involved with accepting your PayPal payment that we must incur, as well as conversion fees our bank is going to charge to convert the payment from US Dollars to Japanese Yen, the cost of the beanies and the outrageous fee to ship them from Japan to the USA.  It’s staggering.

If you see them for less they are FAKE. Mine come directly from the Y&M store in Japan. 

If you would like to order one please send an email to FreedomScholarship@yahoo.com or fill out the form below and I will send you instructions on how to pay for your beanie.

Discounts do not apply to this item.