Raffle Tickets For BTS Package

Welcome to The Freedom Scholarship Fund website BTS raffle page.  Here is your opportunity to win two very special and unique items.This raffle is for two items (you will receive both if you are the winner).  Each chance to win is $6.00.  If you would like to purchase more than 1 chance please contact us at FreedomScholarship@yahoo.com and I will send you an invoice for the number of chances you would like to purchase. The BUY NOW button only provides for 1 chance at a time. Contest is open to USA residents only unless you are willing to pay the shipping fee outside the USA.  Shipping fees outside the USA are extremely high so make sure you are willing to pay that before you enter.Proceeds will go toward a donation to a children’s charity in BTS’s name.ALL SALES ARE FINAL!


The first is one of our amazing custom made BTS inspired necklaces.  These were what was left from our UNICEF campaign and were specifically made to raise money to be donated to a children’s charity in BTS’s name.


The second item is our custom Rkive keyring.  The keyring has a replica wooden plaque of Joonie’s studio sign, a bicycle charm and a Moni (Namjoon’s dog) charm making it very unique and special.

The BUY NOW button will take you to Pay Pal to pay for your ticket.  Winner will be chosen via Random.org and will be announced in any/all BTS groups that this was advertised in.


The contest will end on March 7, 2023 at 11:59PM Eastern Time.  Organizers reserve the right to extend the duration at their sole discretion if the reserve (value of the two items) is not met in the number of tickets purchased..

Refunds will only be issued minus the fees assessed to us for accepting your payment and sending a refund.  So please make absolutely sure you want to enter to win.