GM Birthday Celebration – June 19, 2021 via Zoom


Both Toby Bourke and Lucy Jules are volunteering their time to be with us.

Come join the fun and chat with Lucy and Toby about their time and experiences working with George.  You may submit a question for either Lucy or Toby and depending on the time available random questions will be drawn during the chat and you will be able to personally ask your question.  Submit your questions to be sure to let us know which artist your question is directed to.  Event will be from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM Eastern Time.

Lucy will be with us from 2:00 to 3:00 PM Eastern time (7:00 to 8:00 PM UK time)!

Toby will be with us from 3:00 to 4:00 PM Eastern time (8:00 to 9:00 PM UK time)! Special performance of “Waltz Away Dreaming” live by Toby Bourke.

As with any of our fund raising zoom parties all net proceeds go directly to The Freedom Scholarship Fund in memory of George. To date we have raised and donated $19,000 for children in need in the field of music, art and hunger.

Attendees will have the opportunity to win any of these amazing prizes:

  1. Signed by Toby Bourke RARE promo copy of Waltz Away Dreaming CD
  2. A set of (6) Symphonica Pins in a tin storage case only available for a short time through the official George Michael Fan Club
  3. Signed by Lincoln Jean-Marie CD of Lincoln’s Solo Gospel LP
  4. Signed by Shirley Lewis a 45 rpm vinyl record of Shirley’s solo recording “You used to be romantic.”
  5. A set of (5) 4 x 6 photos from professional photographer Pete Still from Net Aid (with a personal hand written note from Pete)
  6. Signed by Deon Estus a 45 rpm vinyl record of “Heaven Help Me” recorded by Deon and George.
  7. Beautiful GM mouse pad for your desk donated by a fan.
  8. Beautiful GM mug donated by a fan.
  9. Faith Symbols 20″ necklace
  10. Freedom Scholarship’s replica budded cross with 20″ chain.

More prizes may be added before the actual event but it’s not a done deal.  We have formal requests out all the time asking for donations from amazing photographers, singers, managers, or special people who have worked with George during his career.  We have been very blessed to have the most amazing and generous people donate to our cause. Winners are responsible for shipping costs associated with your prize.


You may enter the room 30 minutes prior to the event (but we may not open the room until a few moments before 2:00 PM).


Tickets to attend our event are $15.75.  100% of the net proceeds (after Pay Pal and Zoom fees) will go directly to The Freedom Scholarship Fund.

You do not need to have a Pay Pal account to purchase a ticket or tickets to the event.  If you do not have a registered Pay Pal account please contact us at and we will generate a invoice for you to pay through the major credit cards listed below.

Once your ticket has been paid you will receive (at the email address listed for your pay pal account) a link to the Zoom party approximately 2 days prior to the event.  Please be sure to check this email for the link and if you have not received it by the morning of the event you can message us at ONLY!  PLEASE do not private message me on Facebook I will be way too busy to answer PM’s that day.

If you are not familiar with how Zoom works please check out this video someone has prepared on Youtube (not us) to see how it works (  Although this video goes into way more details than you need it was the only one I could find that explains how to download the zoom app to your phone or computer.  If you do not have the latest version of Zoom I strongly advise you to download it before the event as older version WILL NOT WORK any longer.  YOU DO NOT need to pay for Zoom to join our event.  You just need to register for the “free” zoom account.  The special link that we will send you is your “ticket” to enter the room.  Please do not share this link with anyone else who has not paid for a ticket.  We will not allow any one other than a ticket holder to enter the room.