Faith Symbols – Ring



This page is for making advanced payment only for customers OUTSIDE the USA ONLY!  You should go first to the order form document here and place your order!


USA customer just please fill out the order form at this time (link above).  As soon as we have a selling site established we will contact you for payment.


This page is for the pre-sale of the Faith Symbols ring!  The photo above is to show the color choices and to show you the style of the ring.

Each ring will have the Faith Symbols across the bar portion of the ring.

Ring can be ordered in silver, gold or rose gold tone in sizes: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12 only!  The base metal is copper with a coating of either gold tone, silver tone or rose gold tone.

These rings are costume jewelry they are NOT real gold rings.  Instructions on how to care for your ring will be included in your order.

Bulk orders will be shipped to our UK Ambassador Sarah for disbursing from the UK.  You are responsible to pay the shipping fee once they arrive in the UK directly to Sarah.  She will contact you at that time for payment.  We are absorbing the cost of shipping these rings from the USA to the UK so please be mindful of this.  

All net proceeds benefit The Freedom Scholarship Fund in memory of our George.

For questions please contact us at: