Faith Symbol Necklace

Here’s your chance to own our beautiful “Faith Symbols” necklace or ankle bracelet.  As with any item we sell all net proceeds benefit The Freedom Scholarship Fund in memory of George.

The Faith Symbols necklace comes complete with an 20″ chain attached and has the Faith Symbols engraved on the bar portion of the necklace.  If you need a larger length you can buy an “extender” that will extend your necklace up to 6 inches.  We do not sell the extenders but they can be purchased on Amazon (click here)

The ankle bracelets can be customized to any length but the normal length for a ankle bracelet is 9 inches.

PLEASE NOTE these are not sold gold necklaces or bracelets.  These are considered “costume jewelry” and are a alloy metal base with a gold electroplating over the base metal.  You must take special care in order for them not to tarnish.  Instructions on how to care for your necklace will be included in with your purchase.

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Price for either a necklace or bracelet is $15.99 shipping inside the usa.

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Thank you!