Order GM Budded Cross and 20″ Chain!



Ready to ship immediately! $29.99 each!


This is our tribute to George with a replica of his budded cross pendant with a 20″ chain. The cross is 2 inches long and is made of the same alloy material as your Happy Christmas pin so it is sturdy.  The cross and chain are $29.99 USA currency plus shipping fee.

Our UK Ambassador Sarah has some of these in her possession so she can ship directly from the UK to save you on the shipping fee from the USA.

Please note we do not control the postal rates.  We charge exactly what the US Postal Service charges us to ship your package.  We know that postage rates outside the USA are high but we cannot do a thing about that.  We absorb the cost of the padded mailer, shipping labels, ink to print your label, and all that is associated with packaging up your order and getting it to the post office.

All net proceeds go directly to The Freedom Scholarship Fund in memory of George.



To make a purchase please contact us directly at FreedomScholarship@yahoo.com


Thank you!