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Welcome to the Freedom Scholarship Fund BTS #loveyourself #endviolence fund raising campaign page.  We are not employed by or associated with BTS or their management but we will be raising money in support of the #loveyourself #endviolence campaign.

BTS members Jhope, RM, Jin, V, JK, Jimin and Suga are positive role models for all our youth today and their #loveyourself #endviolence campaign has impressed us so much that we felt it would be a wonderful match for The Freedom Scholarship Fund to get involved with.

Since the objective of the #loveyourself #endviolence is to end the cycle of violence against children we felt that concentrating on LGBTQ youth who suffer horrific violence just for speaking their truth and living their authentic self daily, would be a great extension of their work with UNICEF.  I think Jhope, RM, Jin, V, JK, Jimin and Suga would be pleased with our intentions.

The Freedom Scholarship Fund has raised and donated over $22,000.00 in the past three years to provide grants to non-profit organizations that provide music and art programs (free of charge) to children who would not otherwise have the opportunity to take lessons or afford an instrument.  We have also donated funds to “Safe Houses” who provide food, shelter, health care, counseling and job readiness training for LGBTQ homeless youth.  You can see the list of recipients on the front page of our website.

Our fund raising efforts will concentrate on helping LGBTQ youth charities that provide services for displaced LGBTQ youth around the USA as well as UNICEF.

We are hoping to ask Jhope, RM, Jin, V, JK, Jimin and Suga to pick the recipient(s) of the funds that are raised in this group in the near future.

Our first official donation for this campaign of $1,000.00 will be donated to The Trevor Project ( in honor of BTS member Min Yoon-gi  known as Suga.  Suga has revealed that he attempted suicide.  Bravely speaking about his attempt at suicide has probably saved thousands of young adults in a similar situation.  Suga’s life was spared so that he could spread the word about this epidemic among youth today.  We are so happy that Suga is still with us and know that he is a positive role model for young people who may be facing adversity and consider suicide.



Since our focus is on LGBTQ youth we felt this donation to The Trevor Project was appropriate. The Trevor Project is the world’s largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning) young people.

To donate to the Freedom Scholarship Fund’s BTS #loveyourself #endviolence campaign for LGBTQ youth use our official Pay Pal Account: (Click) This will take you directly to our official pay pal account where you can choose the amount you would like to donate.

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