BTS Themed Charity Event – October 14, 2023

DATE:  Saturday, October 14, 2023



Register today for our BTS fan themed charity event.  This event is being sponsored by The Freedom Scholarship Fund.  To date we have raised and donated $26,000.00 that provided financial aid for deserving students in the areas of music, art, dance, literacy, suicide prevention, hunger and LGBTQ+ youth safe houses.

Net proceeds from this event will be donated to a children’s charity in BTS member’s names.  Once the charity has been determined by our staff it will be announced on our official website and social media accounts.

Space is limited so do not hesitate to place your ticket order. Tickets include entrance to the event, a delicious assortment of buffet breakfast items and all the activities. Each attendee will leave with a BTS gift bag valued at over $50.00.

To reserve your spot please go to our Google reservation form and sign up:  Reservation Form

Ticket Price is on the reservation form. This information will be advertised locally in Orlando shortly so please reserve your spot now.


Last day to purchase tickets is April 27, 2023. We are under contract to pay for the venue, food, audio/video equipment rental, way in advance of the actual event.  This is the reason for the short-dated ticket sales.

Our event will be held at the CocoKey Resort in Orlando, Florida.  Watch this video provided by hotel to see how much they offer their guests. (Hotel Video) You will find more information on the Google reservation form about hotel accommodations and more.

We have a great day planned for all who attend.  There will be music, dancing, video’s (BTS The Final), lots of giveaways, 6 foot tall BTS member stands for photo taking and of course our SPECIAL GUEST. You may not know his name but you will know his work.

If you are ARMY, you know the BTS Buzzfeed Puppy interview from back in 2018. Come meet the Buzzfeed video producer Mike Rose* who was responsible for the puppy interview. Mike Rose* will join us to discuss his time with BTS and answer your questions. (Buzzfeed Video)


Come join us for a day of BTS fun!


This event is being sponsored independently by The Freedom Scholarship Fund and is not associated with BTS, their management or parent company.

* If his scheduled does not permit him to appear in person Mike will be zooming in to join us that day.