BTS Perfume and Tiny Tan Nail Files

Please note Jin’s name is NOT on the box or the bottle!

At this time we only have Jin’s fragrance available for sale but believe me it is amazing.  I received Namjoon as a gift and enclosed was a sample of Jin.  I loved it so much I had to buy Jin as well.  You will not be disappointed in your purchase of Jin.

You will receive a full size bottle of L’Atelier des Subtils Eau de Coton (1.69 fluid ounces) which was created exclusively for Jin.  Described as the comforting scent of freshly washed cotton and ending with a floral scent, “Eau de Coton” is an embodiment of spring fragrance. Falling in line with Jin’s heartthrob image, the perfume is described as a sweet scent that may remind people of their first romance on one sun-filled spring day. It’s not basic floral, as it’s a soft blend of rose, blackcurrant and violet, with a touch of unique spiciness.

$43.99 this includes your shipping inside the USA.  Please remember we have pay pal fees as well as shipping and packing materials that we have to factor in the price. All sales are final.

Available at an additional charge of $12.99 (which is much cheaper than most are selling these for) is the acrylic standee of Jin pictured above Feel free to add that to your cart at the time of purchase.

Please Note – if you would like to purchase Jin’s mini-acrylic stand alone you MUST contact me before you make your purchase.  This price listed above is only as an “add on” price for other purchases.  You may purchase him alone for $16.99 which includes your shipping inside the USA.  You will need to send me an email to purchase it alone at – thank you.

Also available is the Tiny Tan Nail Shiner – please note we only have the following available – RM, Suga, Jin, Jhope, V at this time.  This is basically a metal nail file with a plastic carry case included.

$14.99 this includes your shipping inside the USA.