BTS Friends Straw Covers (Shooky, Tata, Koya, Chimmy, Van, Mang, RJ, Cooky)

These adorable Line Friends staw covers will make you smile on any cup or glass.  You can pick your bias or buy an entire set of all eight (8) characters.

Each straw cover is $2.50 each + $4.00 shipping (we don’t control the shipping fees, the US Postal service does and we charge exactly what we are charged nothing more.)  Postal rates increased for package (this must go as a package in a padded mailer) on January 21, 2024.

Similar items are being sold on Etsy for $6.00 each + $4.50 shipping!

Shipping can be discounted for mulitple orders to one person.  Contact us for accurate shipping fees.

A set of all seven (8) characters is $20.00 + $7.00 shipping. 

Every order receives a free gift!

Please contact us to make sure that your choice or the sets are still available at time of order at