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All Kids Need Music is pleased to announce that we have joined hands with The Freedom Scholarship Fund to create the Shine, Dream, Smile charity campaign!

All Kids Need Music was fortunate to be a beneficiary of The Freedom Scholarship Fund’s generosity in the form of a $2,000.00 donation. The Fund’s founder, Roseann, and her colleagues have now launched additional fundraising efforts in conjunction with fans of George Michael and the K-pop group BTS to help raise a total of $20,000.00. These funds will help start a much-needed music program in one of our sponsored schools.

The Freedom Scholarship Fund was created in 2018 by its director, Roseann Giannone, in memory of music artist George Michael. Since that time, Roseann and her all-volunteer staff have raised and donated $29,000.00 to charity. They tend to focus on charities that provide financial aid for deserving students in the areas of music, art, and dance as well as organizations that support literacy, suicide prevention, and hunger assistance. Her committee meets several times per year to review deserving organizations to be the recipients of a donation from the fund. Since George Michael supported a variety of charitable organizations in his lifetime, she feels no deserving cause should be eliminated from consideration.

If you would like to know more about The Freedom Scholarship Fund and their mission, please visit their website. You’ll also find information about how George Michael and BTS came to be the inspiration and influence of their efforts. Fans of these artists will no doubt find it interesting.

If you would like to contribute to the Shine, Dream, Smile charity campaign, please use the ‘Donate Today’ button below. All Kids Need Music is a non-profit registered 501(c)3 charity. Your donation is tax deductible.

Our goal, as stated above, is to help raise the $20,000 necessary to start a music program at one of our sponsored schools. With the help of The Freedom Scholarship Fund and their supporters, we know we can achieve that goal! We have included the initial donation of $2,000 in our “thermometer” below. The indicator will be updated as donations are received from The Freedom Scholarship Fund and any George Michael/BTS fans that contribute.

Follow the Freedom Scholarship Fund on Instagram @FreedomScholarshipBTS to win prizes!