All Kids Need Music Academy Charity Campaign



To date, we have donated $3,000.00 to a wonderful nonprofit called All Kids Need Music, in tribute to three of the members of BTS, V (Kim Tae-Hyung | 김태형), Jhope (Jung Ho-seok | 정호석).. We’d like to introduce you to this charitable institution and share with you the journey we have embarked on for them. We think V, Jhope and JK would be pleased with our decision to support this meaningful and purposeful organization in their honor.

About All Kids Need Music

All Kids Need Music is a non-profit, IRS-recognized charity for children founded by Ed Kelly. Ed is a professional musician and director of a music school for over two decades. His program, Fundamental Music Instruction, provides musical instruction and classes to many schools and individuals around the United States.

They sponsor children in difficult circumstances, whether it is an orphaned U.S. child living in foster care, a homeless child, or an at risk child living near or below the poverty level.  There are thousands of orphans, homeless children, and vastly underprivileged children in the United States.  The orphans’ music classes are private, therapeutic music lessons to help the children heal from the trauma they have experienced.